Welcome to  Zapp.

We are an animation studio based in Buenos Aires. Our specialty is to design and animate our clients’ contents. With more than 10 years of experience in the audio-visual industry, working for several film and TV production companies, Jerónimo Adrien and Jorge Román Iriarte, combined their knowledge to create Zapp Animation in 2011.
We seek to democratize audiovisual tools, accompanying in a flexible manner, both large and small companies. Every need, every project, is unique. We want to be our clients’ best partner, offering an integral development starting from ideas, all the way to the final delivery of the product. We strive to get to the best possible result.
Associated with a diverse team of professionals, we have generated brand identity for programs and TV channels, ID’s, Promos, Commercials for TV, Web Products, Infographics, Institutions, Video Clips and much more!
Meeting new people with ideas and being able to tell them in creative ways is our passion … do not hesitate to contact us!

We Are

Jeronimo Adrien
Jeronimo AdrienDirector
3D Animation
Jorge Iriarte
Jorge IriarteDirector
2D Animation